Level and Phase Loss Relay – RNF 101 TED

38.00 Sem/IVA

Level and Phase Relay
Supply: 400V AC

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Level and phase relay with pump protection against lack of water, phase failure or inverted sequence of motor phases.
Adjustable sensitivity, according to the liquid conductivity: 〔4 – 43〕KΩ


  • Total pump protection against lack of water and lack of phase to the motor or reverse phase sequence
  • Sensitivity adjustment 4 – 43 KΩ (depending on the conductivity of the immersion liquid)


Power the relay (green led on – A.1)

The relay is normally armed, disarmed whenever one of the following occurs:

Water level below probe “I” (lower) – only resets after water level rises above probe “S” (upper), green led “N.A.” – high level.

Missing or partial dropping of one of the “R”, “S” or “T” phases – resets automatically when the phases have the correct amplitudes.

Sequence of phases “R”, “S”, “T” inverted (phase change) – resets automatically when the correct sequence is reset.

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Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 5.9 cm
Sensibilidade regulável

4, 43] KΩ

Temperatura ambiente

[-10ºC, +55ºC]

Relé de saída

AC 8A-250V / 50Hz – 1250VA DC 5A-24 V (C.R.)


AC (3 x 400V) / 50Hz

Tolerância à queda de fase

pre-set from factory – 15% of "t.n" – nominal current


2VA (approx.)


230V AC, 400V AC


11-pin base