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Control Panel for Swimming Pool with Differential + Lighting

The new Control Panel for Swimming Pool with Differential + Lighting (PID), was designed to control and protect the electric pumps that operate in the swimming pool water circulation systems.

This model is supplied with: 30mA differential switch, analog time switch with time reserve for automatic motor control, 3-position switch for pump operation and 2-position switch for command of the pool projector.

It acts against short circuits and motor overloads. Available with thermal regulation between 1.6 and 10.0 Amp.

Get to know in detail all the features of this control board

Alternating control for Sanitation

The Switching Tables for Sanitation, ALS 200 , act according to the effluent level and alarm level, against excessive engine consumption (thermal trigger) and protect the control circuit using a breaker , including a set of 2 electric pumps.

To complete and make the whole system unmatched in effectiveness, we recommend using it jointly with RNC 1002 . This is a regulator designed specifically for level control in sewage, drainage and pumping stations in general . The only one of its kind that is certified for 4 bars!

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Alternating boxes

The Alternating Control Boxes of micro controle are designed to control and protect two submersible pumps.

The versions include the ALS 200 model for pumping systems for sanitation and the ALH 200 for pumping systems for hydropressors.

They act against the lack of water, the excessive consumption of the motor (thermal trigger) and hold the control circuit through a circuit breaker.

The range is available in single-phase and three-phase versions, with different thermal settings between 1.6 and 14.0 Amp.

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Contingency Plan Communication micro controle

Dear Customers and Partners,

We followed the development of the situation caused by COVID-19 with attention, and we support the measures and guidelines of WHO, DGS and the Government of Portugal.

Micro controle continues to develop its activity, having taken additional protective measures through the proper disinfection of our facilities and equipment, the provision of alcohol-based solutions for disinfecting hands, and alerting to the practice of frequent washing of hands with our Employees.

We reorganized our production unit, so that each Employee works with the recommended safety distances.

Order deliveries are maintained using our logistics partners. We are available for contact through the usual means.

For the convenience of our customers, you can place your orders through our online store.

We assume a responsible attitude and we are permanently attentive to the WHO guidelines, which we share here: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses

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