Dual Alternating Modular Relays

Relés Modulares de Alternância Dupla

The Dual Alternating Modular Relays are highly reliable and easy to use electronic devices.

Among several functions, these Modular Relays, allow the protection of electropumps installed in Sanitation Plants and Hydropressors. These models also stand out, the box of 2 modules and the fact that the various timings can be adjusted by Micro Switch, which gives high flexibility and resource savings.

As they are Modular Relays, they can be applied in boxes of standard electrical boards or even in modular boxes. In addition, DIN rail mounting allows for a useful floor space gain compared to 11-Pin Electronic Base Control Level Relays.

In order to control the level in holes or deposits, they are also very important allies in the protection of submersible electropumps.

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