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Discontacting board – DIS

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Discontactor board for control and protection of electropumps, in situations in which it is not necessary to use the level relay for protection in the lack of water.

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Product description

Discontactor board for the control and protection of electro-pumps used in the supply of water under pressure and in the irrigation systems, in situations in which it is not necessary to use the level relay for protection in the lack of water.


Control of the water level by means of a float or pressure switch.

Short circuit protection – 16 amp circuit breaker

Overload protection – thermal.

Indication of presence of power supply (white flag).

Pump indication in service (green flag).

Thermal trigger indication (red flag).


1. Make the connections as indicated on the sticker with the switch off (0).

2. Set the thermal relay according to the rated motor current.

3. Switch the switch to automatic (auto) position.

4. If the control circuit breaker is in the ON position (), the pump switches on regardless of the control status of the contact pair P11 and P12 and the condition of the buoy.

5. In case of tripping of the thermal relay (overload), the pump switches off (lights up the red indicator), regardless of the information provided by any of the other controls.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Thermal regulation

2,5 – 4,0 A, 4,0 – 6,0 A, 5,5 – 8,0 A, 7,0 – 10,0 A, 9,0 – 13,0 A


230V, 400V

Gray ABS case

220x250x155mm ABS box with hinges and cristal polycarbonate IP54 IK07

Contactor and overload relay


3 positions toggle switch

with rubber cap for controlling Automatic (AUT), Manual (MAN) or Off (OFF) mode system

Start/Stop remote control connection

(P11-P12) (pressure-switch, float-switch or other)

Accessories / Others

Pressure switch, buoy or others; 4 cable glands for connection cables

micro controle